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 The UK Is Better Off Without Blair!

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The UK Is Better Off Without Blair! Empty
PostSubject: The UK Is Better Off Without Blair!   The UK Is Better Off Without Blair! EmptyThu 18 Aug ŗ 11:34

Toni Blair called a press conference on August 3, 2005 to discuss his governmentís new anti terrorism laws. I was surprised his tongue hasnít split by now with all the fabricated causes he and his partners George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon cooked together. Blair, the master of conspiracy and intrusion into other countries by force with no apparent reasons other than lust for fame, blood and wealth, was determined and unshaken by the recent attack on London. Right there and then I realized his guilt. If the wars he ordered against Afghanistan and Iraq were justified in defense of United Kingdom, his speech, emotion and personal composure would have been overwhelmed with compassion and love. Instead, he sounded like the old and original Toni Blair.

Toni Blair has been the brainstorm and the chief architect of invading Afghanistan and Iraq. It is possible too he was the one who actually dragged United States of America by its feet into two bloody wars at a time when the U.S. needed to rethink its foreign policies after the 9/11 attack. It is true; the American Administration to this day does not believe its foreign policies had any thing to do with the horrific attack on its soil that caused 3000 innocent lives. Everyone else in the world told Mr. Bush and his generals to wake up and smell the coffee. Everyone else in the world knew United States had to move from supporter of oppressive states to a state with human compassion. Everyone else predicted war on terrorism would not involve invasions into sovereign states and mass killing of innocent people. Every country in the world, friends and foes stood ready to share the American loss and grief. George W. Bush looked for vengeance; he bombed Afghanistan and left 40,000 dead; his war in Iraq will run out of bullets when Iraq runs out of people.

Toni Blair and his conniving plans had other advice to George W. Bush. He brought him fabricated proof of Iraqís danger to the world which was a collection of home made notes composed by American Zionists and Israelís secret service squad. With George W. Bushís small brain and Blairís masterful tongue, over 135,000 Iraqi civilians to the day have lost their homes and lives. Yes, Mr. Blair has betrayed his people and generated hatred against them for the next seven million life times. He became the mentor to George W. Bush who also betrayed Americans and painted them with the worse kind of shame known to mankind.

During the entire press conference, my stomach turned; my brain spun in various directions. I piled pillows over my lap to control my emotion with disbelief and anger. My TV screen became blurred as Mr. Blair, again, distanced any connection between Iraqís invasion and Londonís bombing. I thought to myself this is a sign for viewers to think twice before they digest more of Mr. Blairís war motives. Of course, I was kidding myself. News viewers, by majority, have turned into commercial freaks. The war on terrorism is the theme of the commercial. How and why this war was carried out is a secret shared by the three worlds most distrusted leaders and their confidantes.

It will be interesting to see how Britons will react to the recent bombing of Londonís transit system. Will Britons finally demand the arrest of Mr. Blair and demand he be charged for crimes against humanity, including incitements of crimes against Britons as well? Mr. Blair does not want to admit the clear connection between the recent transit bombing and Iraqís invasion. I am the first to acknowledge. Mr. Blair is the smartest world conspirator in our time. The press conference room was packed with reporters who sat with pen and pad in their laps like a bunch of scared sheep. Not once Mr. Blair was challenged against his world renowned conspiracies. Not once Mr. Blair was asked to answer for the crimes his troops commit every day in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Muslim community in England has two choices according to Mr. Blair: Integration into the main stream of British life style, support his war on Iraq, and elsewhere in other Arab or Muslim countries, or pack and leave. Mr. Blair and Britons, perhaps have the right to enforce such inhuman laws. Will Mr. Blair and Britons accept the same demands if were made by Iraqis and Afghanis? Yes, the bombing of Londonís transit system is a crime of the cruelest nature. Killing innocent commuters and bystanders is as horrifying as the killing of innocent Iraqis and Afghanis by British and American troops.

Then, who will come forward and demand justice is for all humans? World leaders, in particulars leaders of Arab and Muslim countries are a bunch of mice trapped in a catís prison. World leaders had in the past, watched bigger crimes and stayed def and dumb. Harry Truman nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and murdered nearly 200,000 innocent people in split seconds, and more than 100,000 more died from radiation over a period of time. Nixon and Johnson followed Trumanís murder trail and also killed more than two million Vietnamese during 8 years of that horrible invasion.

United Kingdom, the principle architect of the State of Israel helped the displacement of more than seven million Palestinians while the Israeli Army took care of killing tens of thousands of innocent refugees. Palestinians are still slaughtered today while Blair and Bushís armies slaughter Iraqis and Afghanis. Is this the justice and freedom both leaders advocate every time they appear before a camera? Is this the kind of democracy they want the world to embrace and adopt?

With all of this happening, a majority of Arab and Muslim leaders still claim loyalty and friendship towards the West as though, Arab and Muslim blood is considered waste. I believe it is time for Arab and Muslim masses to take sides: Either remain Arabs and Muslims, or embrace the cults of Blair and Bush. Arabia was invaded over sixty times during the last five thousand years, yet it remains Arabia today. Colonialism works on people, not on lands. People come and go; lands live for ever.

American, British and Israeliís citizens also have to decide whether they want to preserve and protect their ancestorís race, or become nations carrying the blood of innocent Arabs and Muslims on their hands. We face an injustice today, bigger and meaner than any other period before. This injustice is practiced by states with the strongest armies and the largest financial empires. How and when this injustice will end is the answer western leaders are refusing to make public.

United States is the mouth that swallowed a sharp sword. The sword will cut its life veins either way. If Americans and Britons only knew what Blair and Bush had don to them, they would have quickly joined the Iraqi resistant fighters at that instant.

The other nations of the world, without exception, donít have that many choices: They can either bring out the available, solid criminal evidence against George W. Bush, Toni Blair and Ariel Sharon, or become nations who enjoy the flow of innocent blood.

Member nations of the UN represented by leaders who prefer to lick George Bushís behind and not utter one statement that might save nations and lives deserve to live in sewer bunkers.

Every decent person in this world must rise against terrorism and terroristsÖat the same time rise against daily murder of Palestinians, Afghanis and Iraqis. Humans and humanity are one large piece of flesh and blood. You canít tear one body and not hurt the other. You canít drain one body of its blood without hurting the other. Decent people in the world today understand the human creation fully, but are doing very little to save it from being literally destroyed by warmongers like Blair, Bush and Sharon.

My memory of wars is now into its 45th year. At age 12, I learned how devastating wars were. Palestinian refugees who crossed into Lebanon after they were tossed out of their homes by Israeli invaders today remind me of Iraqis who live in tents and bunkers.

Yes, the West has turned Arabs and Jews into non-forgiving enemies. Two people with the most valuable history are today the centre of wars and destruction. How to mend wounds and return to peace is no longer up to the people. World leaders have reached a level of corruption that is not possible for them to denounce, even if it means saving the planet.

We need to return to basic livings. We need to rebuild our family units. Unless we find love inside our homes, we canít possibly love others. Dignity, respect and honor have the same culture and the same religion. If it is not time today, right now to make a U-turn, our children will confront death before they experience life. Once oppressions and invasions are removed from the world, terrorism will disappear and perish for good.

The UK Is Better Off Without Blair! Th_raffy2
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The UK Is Better Off Without Blair!
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