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 An Important Announcement From The Publisher

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PostSubject: An Important Announcement From The Publisher   An Important Announcement From The Publisher EmptyTue 16 Aug à 17:38

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Er-Raheem

Alhamdulilah, all praise is to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, whose Justice causes days of blessings and days of suffering to alternate, and who’s Grace makes final victory belong to the believers.

From the time JUS moved its IT operations to the Middle East, there have been many trials and a constant stream of operational difficulties due to an underdeveloped communications infrastructure. For over 18 months, every few weeks there was some technical challenge causing some kind of interruption to email, connecting to the servers or the functioning of our internal systems. The complexity of the JUS systems and the reliability required to serve up daily news to a large audience ultimately made it necessary to move IT operations to a more robust infrastructure. Alhamdulilah, this process is now complete.

We appreciate the many viewers who wrote to us over the past week while we were offline performing this task. Your words of encouragement were very much appreciated as we strove to improve our service and we thank Allah that so many of you value our efforts. The tireless work of the JUS team and our volunteers made quick work of our task and we ask Allah to reward each of you. With our migration now complete, we are pleased to once again be able to bring you uncut and uncensored news direct from the battlefields.

JUSClub will be back on line shortly and new content is currently being loaded. As there have been several interruptions over the past few months due to infrastructure problems, we are pleased to advise members that your membership will be extended for a full three months as our way of saying thanks for your patience. For those who have outstanding orders with JUS, the Video Store, all outstanding orders have been shipped.

While we have accomplished the objective by the Grace of Allah alone, please remember that everyday at JUS we must rise to a variety of challenges to avoid censorship. And while we continue to experience incredible growth from a world that is hungry for lucid content, our work is difficult and costly. Creating effective, widely read Islamic media is a very large task and we will not get there alone. We need our brothers and sisters to stand with us if we are to continue to make a serious impact. If you appreciate this site then please support us; through the store, by becoming a member of JUSClub, by partnering with us or by volunteering some time. Help us to keep our voice strong.

On behalf of all us of us at JUS, we are honored to continue bringing you uncensored and uncut news on this so-called war on terrorism as we endeavor to make the truth known. All praise is to Allah and Allah alone.

Peace and blessings to those who follow His true path. Ameen.

by MaîTre_RaFi

An Important Announcement From The Publisher Th_raffy2
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An Important Announcement From The Publisher
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